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Falcone Electric is a National Grid Energy Solutions Leader, helping customers reduce energy and take advantage of incentives for installing energy efficient equipment.

What Makes Falcone Electric a Company You Can Trust?

When you need electrical parts and supplies, it's important to have a company on your side who brings the same level of passion to your work as you do.  And for over 65 years, that's exactly what Falcone Electric in Batavia NY has been doing better than anyone else.

The Best Selection of Electric Supplies In Stock

We know what it's like to get excited about a big job, only to be let down because you had to wait days or even weeks for parts.  One of our goals here at Falcone, is to make sure that you're not left waiting around just to do your job.  We've established excellent working relationships with some of the industry's leading manufacturers, and today we're proud to offer more in-stock items than virtually all of our competitors.  This includes an extensive selection of cable, conduit, wire, raceway, devices, tools, testing equipment, fittings, fasteners, batteries, fans, heaters and everything in-between.

Professionals Committed to Helping You Succeed

Having the best selection of electrical supplies is only one part of the equation.  Being a leader requires the expertise of a dedicated staff, who know exactly what you need to do your job properly and on time.  At Falcone, our team consists of experienced professionals who understand the importance of having access to a comprehensive selection, at prices that allow you to complete projects in a timely and affordable manner.

Over 6 Decades of Professional Experience

You learn a lot over 65 years, and this has helped us anticipate what our customers will need before they need it.  The growth and success we've experienced was not handed to us.  Like you, we had to prove ourselves and earn it one customer at a time.  This philosophy still motivates us, as we’re constantly looking for new ways to provide better service to those who place their trust in us.  When you do  business with Falcone Electric, you get the assurance of knowing that you're working with a company who goes out of its way to exceed customer expectations.

Before you stock up for your next job or electrical project, we invite you to see why more electricians, contractors and do-it-yourselfers won't shop for parts and supplies anywhere else.  Give us a call today at 585-343-2018 to check stock, get pricing information or talk to one of our staff experts.